6th APRIL 2015

Fantastic start to the 2015 season at Tonfanau in glorious Easter sunshine with 9 machines on the grid.

Steve Nugent’s lap record broken by Sam Grief, see your next newsletter for full race report.

New Tonfanau lap record holder, Sam Grief, our youngest racing member, with his Kreidler.

Lap record now stands at 66.96 M.P.H.

Tonfanau’s 2015 April meeting saw the welcome return of our oldest racing member James Gellatly ( Albert to his friends )

Welcome back Albert and well done.


11th APRIL 2015

12th APRIL 2015

Successful meeting at Three Sisters circuit. For full race report see your next news letter.

Results for the Classic 50cc Events

Race One

1st Kerry Burton, 2nd Roger Naul, 3rd Alan Leeson

Race 2

1st Alan Naul, 2nd Alan Leeson, 3rd Roger Naul

Race 3

1st Alan Naul, 2nd Alan Leeson, 3rd Howard Warren

Unfortunately Kerry crashed at the esses just in front of Alan Leeson, chasing me!

Kerry has injured his Scaphoid

Charity hill climb in aid of the Severn Freewheelers blood bikes campaign went well, a good day had by all. The 50cc club were proud to parade the late Howard Smiths Yamaha sprint bike in his honour. Read more in the next news letter.

See a selection of pictures on the photo and video page.


3rd MAY 2015

4th MAY 2015

Seven members of the club including members from the Isle of Man and Isle of Wight, raced in a non championship round at Three Sisters circuit.

Results were as follows :-

Tony Cawte won both races, Alan Naul took second in both and Richard Done took third place in both races.

In race one, Steve Porter was fourth, Roger Naul fifth and Kerry Burton sixth.

In race two, Roger Naul was fourth, Kerry Burton fifth, and Steve Porter sixth.

Full race report to follow in the next newsletter!

After a successful day at Three Sisters, club members travelled to Darley Moor circuit , where an impressive grid of 15 machines were on the start line. The sun shone all day on a terrific day’s racing.

In race one the finish order was Sam Grief, who finished 44 seconds in front of Adrian Sanders with Michael Bowden in third position.

In race two Sam Grief took the chequered flag again followed 35 seconds later by Michael Bowden in second place this time and Adrian Sanders in third.

Very close and exciting racing throughout the whole pack.

See your newsletter for a full race report.

See the full race results on the Darley Moor website here:-


10th MAY 2015

Bikesport news has published a race report of the recent Darley Moor championship meeting.

Navigate to the report via this link, http://www.bikesportnews.com/news/news-detail/darley-moor-round-three-weekend-race-report and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the report.

Provisional results in the Open Class Club  championship show Sam Grief to be the leader with a total of 60 points, followed by James Widdowson with 28, hot on his heels is Alan Naul with 27 points.

4th place is contested by 3 riders all on 22 points who are Steve Porter, Adrian Sanders and Michael Bowden.

Remember these are unconfirmed provisional results.

24th MAY 2015

Round 3 of the club championship was held at Tonfanau. Early morning drizzle cleared in time for a sunny afternoons racing. 50cc Races 1 and 3 counted towards the championship. Sam Grief was victorious yet again in both championship races. However a rare mechanical failure led to Sam  failing to finish in race 2. Victory in race 2 went to Alan Naul with John Lee second in a spectacular race full of close racing action. Ernest Parry did extremely well in race 3 of the day stealing 2nd place from Alan Naul. Alan Naul performed very well on his new silhouette class bike.

The top 3 of the club open class championship now stand as first place Sam Grief on 90 points, second place is Steve Porter on 44 points and third is James Widdowson with 28 points.

Remember these are unconfirmed provisional results.

23rd JUNE 2015

Three Sisters race report by our roving reporter Zac Grief !

( Championship round  4,   21/6/2015 )

“…….Poor weather started Sundays racing at Three Sisters after a reasonable but deteriorating forecast all week. It had more or less stopped raining for the practice, 10 Classics and 3 Freetechs were out but it was a little damp which led to a nasty and unusual spill by Alan Naul which has sadly postponed all his racing for 7 days.

In the first race the Freetechs soon pulled away to leave the Classics to do their own thing, Tony Cawte pulled away from the pack closely followed by Sam Grief and Richard Done. It was good to see a new member on the grid Karen England who is riding for Team Albert (its rumoured number one rider), she had some machine problems but finished so well done Karen. A last corner dive up the inside saw victory for Sam Grief with Tony Cawte in Second and Richard Done in third.

The weather for the second race had improved somewhat and even the sun popped out. It looked to be a repeat of the first race until an unusual retirement by Tony left Sam in first, Richard second and Kerry Burton Third.

In both races the top two Classics were lapping consistent 1.08s so we may see a new lap record this year.”

29th JUNE 2015

Darley Moor race report

( Championship round  5,   28/6/2015 )

Large crowds at Darley moor this weekend were treated to another terrific performance from team Grief. Sam grief, roared …or rather screamed… to two resounding victories to add to his ever increasing championship  points total.

His expertly prepared Kreidler, sounding crisp and beautifully well set up from the start, sailed effortlessly to well deserved wins ahead of Ron Ponti’s Kreidler and Steve Lawtons Fantic machines.

Seasoned racers Ron and Steve were not going to let Sam relax however as they gave everything to the events, chasing Sam  all the way from the start line to the flag  in truly exiting racing which thrilled the spectators and commentators alike, in mercifully dry conditions despite the overnight rain.

Congratulations must also go to our newest member, Karen England, who, in only her second 50cc meeting, proved to be a competitor to watch out for in the remainder of the season.

For the full race report, don’t forget to lookout for your club newsletter coming soon !!

6th JULY 2015

Tonfanau race report

( Championship round  6,   5/7/2015 )

Championship round 6 at Tonfanau Circuit initially took place in very damp conditions when the heavens opened for the first 50cc race of the day after a dry and sunny practice session . A  grid of  10  50cc machines was reduced to 6 by the weather and then to 5 when Ernest Parry returned to the paddock in dreadfully heavy rain after the sighting lap. After only 1 lap the race was red flagged for an incident with the leading 125cc machine,and Alan Naul retired with machine issues. The re-start left 4 machines with only 3 actually completing the race, Sam Grief winning, with Colin Purslow second and Steve Porter third.

The second 50cc event again in wet conditions possibly worse then the first, started with 7 machines on the grid including the welcome return of Norman Edwards who along with Alan Naul didn’t complete the whole race due to machine issues. The results saw Sam Grief winning and breaking his own lap record, second was Colin Purslow, third James Widdowson, followed by Steve Porter and Ernie Parry.

The last race of the day, this time in brilliant sunshine again saw Sam Grief break the lap record a second time at the meeting with an astounding 70.12 M.P.H. and taking an overall third in the mixed capacity race beating three 250cc machines !!

The race was sadly red flagged after an incident in which James Widdowson also parted company with his Gellatly 50. James is fine by the way.

The final result was Sam Grief first, Colin Purslow second and Ernie Parry third, followed by Steve Porter and Ian Cowley.

The club was also represented in the parade of racing exotica by Steve Bedford and John Lee riding on very early examples of classic 50cc racing machines, alongside John Mc Guiness !!

For the full race report, don’t forget to lookout for your club newsletter coming soon !!

29th JULY 2015

Aberdare Park race report

( Championship round  7,   25/7/2015 & 26/7/2015)

A huge turnout of 22 machines meant an exciting weekend of racing at Aberdare Park this year. Brilliant sunshine on the Saturday lead to fast racing with a mixed grid of classics and 6 freetechs with the lap record broken by Sam Grief and visitors from abroad taking part.

Sunday was wet all day but this did not deter the competitors although wet conditions did cause some technical issues early in the day.

See the photos and videos page of this website, and read the full weekend race report in the forthcoming club magazine.

11th AUGUST 2015

At the August meeting at Jurby on the Isle of Man the results were as follows:-

1st race : 1st Tony Cawte 2nd Brian Kneale 3rd Andy Watts.

Race 2 : Tony, Richard Done then Brian Kneale.

3rd race : Tony, Richard Done then Brian. Brian made a welcome return after being absent for over a year.

23rd AUGUST 2015

The latest report of the August 23rd meeting at Jurby on the Isle of Man :-

……The first heat had Tony Cawte simply “clear off” to win by 22 seconds from Richard Done with 3rd place going to Gentleman John Holt on the beautifully prepared “naked” Yamaha.

Heat 2 had Cawte take off again to win by a similar margin over Done and Holt, again taking 3rd.

In the final it was clearly Cawte’s day as he again controlled the race from the front, breaking Done early, to win by 30 seconds ! Third Place went again to Holt.

The best four stroke was Martin Stratford Parson and best formula 2 Matthew draper on the Peter Mylcreests Faasaag Flyer ! …….

1st SEPTEMBER 2015

The latest report of the August 30th meeting at Tonfanau:-

……And what a meeting !!

In the first 50cc race of the day Sam  Grief stormed to victory  winning the race and lapping the entire 50cc contingent by lap 4 of the 8 lap race. Not satisfied with that, Sam beat the 50cc lap record on lap 6 which he set at the last meeting, and went on to beat all the 250cc bikes in the mixed class race as well to take overall 1st place !! A feat which I think is a first at Tonfanau. A huge round of applause from the public awaited Sam on his return to the paddock. Steve porter took second place with James Widdowson and Ernie Parry taking 3rd and 4th place respectively. Sadly Norman Edwards, John Harrison and John lee retired with machine problems.

In 50cc race 2, Sam achieved an overall second place to take the 50cc victory again only 1/3 of a second behind the first 250cc machine ! Once again he broke the lap record set in the first race with an amazing speed just shy of 73 M.P.H. at 72.99 M.P.H. Average !!

Norman Edwards returned having fixed his machine problems to take the 2nd 50cc place with John Lee and Steve Porter following close behind.

Race three saw Sam take the first 50cc place with John Lee 2nd Ernie Parry 3rd Norman Edwards 4th and Steve Porter 5th……..

To read more about Sam Grief’s victory Download a report sent to Sams local paper here

Congratulations to club championship winner Sam Grief, who has been named runner up in the South Derbyshire Young Sportsman Of The Year competition.


22nd OCTOBER 2015

22nd OCTOBER 2015

The club was represented at the recent Stafford bike show, both on the club stand indoors and outside on the Aberdare Park stand.

Sam Grief gave a presentation in the G.P. Paddock where he was interviewed by an enthusiastic Steve Plater and John Mc Guiness.

 Steve Plater sat on the bike, and seemed very impressed. The crowd loved the sound of the bike when Sam started it up and gasped when he described how fast the bike can go. Sam left the arena to loud applause and cheers.


Many thanks to Karen England for the picture

28th OCTOBER 2015


Dave Cain kindly sent in this extract from an Isle Of Man local paper report…..

“Final round of the Bushy s sponsored M.S.P.B.R.A racing at Jurby.

A two minutes silence was let by Rodger Moore for motorsport top man Steve Graves , words cannot describe the input that man has given to motorsport , especially to those on the bottom rung of the ladder , R.I.P Steve  .

First out, the junior pit bikes and the return of Freddie Craine, fresh from his 2nd place in the Aprilla 125 superteen cup, well done Freddie.  Craine, not forgetting his roots, returned for a one off and had the regulars up their game once again for a thrilling three heats .  Heat one had  Craine with a D.N.F. after being chased by a pack of Illiam Quayle, Jordan Burns, and Rhys Callister, finishing in that order with Burns clinching this years championship in the process . Heat two had Craine in a determined mood  hold on to the lead with the lads snapping at his heels all the way, with Quayle 2nd, Callister 3rd. Heat three had Quayle leading for the first five laps, then Craine slipped through to hold it till the flag, Quayle 2nd and Burns 3rd, close racing lads, well done.

Next out the classic 50 s and  first heat went to Richard Done, giving him the five points he needed to clinch the championship, pressure off.  2nd  place went to Phil Millard  on the Famos framed Yamaha originally reserved for Hudson Kennaugh , 3rd  went to John Holt  Kennaugh, called away with work commitments at the last moment regrets unable to attend and is determined to get over as soon as possible as he is a 50 s buff. The second heat was a battle with Millard taking the flag  Holt 2nd and Martin Stratford Parson 3rd, just inching  ahead of Andy Wells at the line. The final was a scrap with Millard taking it  from Done, squashing a backmarker between them on the line, a bit of grasswork involved. Wells right behind in 3rd. Best formula 2 of the day, this years Pit bike champ Seb Spiers .

Last out , the senior pit bikes and it was Seb Spiers taking the win from Phil Bearney by 4 secs, Toby Marshall ,slotting into 3rd . Heat two was the same action , the top seven all posting fastest laps of 55 seconds and packed tight ,swopping and changing slots, plenty of  grasswork , Spiers again breaking free to win by 4 secs. from Matthew Ashcroft , Marshall .04 of a sec behind in 3rd The final was again a Spiers benefit , taking the lead on lap 9 and holding it, young Ryan Crawley riding the race of his life to slot into 2nd,  3rd again , Marshall. Very  close racing and next season will be very much a battle of old hands and young guns, bring it on.

Run in conjunction was the Classic 50’s  Match Race with their counterparts from England and with  packed grids , it was ,to say the least gladiatorial out there. Run over three heats it was nip and tuck all the way. First the English got a slender lead in heat one but the Manx raised their game and pulled the lead back in heat two. Attrition of both man and machine could have thrown the thing either way and the final was a cracker. Lots of fairing bashing and close quarter stuff to grind ourselves to a draw with 136 points each. We argued that we were without the injured Tony Cawte and Brian Kneale,and of course adopted Manx  son Hudson Kennaugh . But the English squad  also  were without their injured champion Sam Grief, spectating  and totally gutted not to be out there, and others that were committed elsewhere. In truth, it could have gone either way, but one thing we did agree on ,we are definitely doing it again. We are in talks with some N.I guys who we met at Jurby day and they have the bikes  and would be up for sending a team over .Also Steve Nugent European 50cc rider from Wales could graft some Welshmen together and hey ho we have a four sider. Final word from English captain Alan Naul ." I cannot believe there is so much sport going on over here , over every hedge there is rugby and football going on, people running, walking, motorsports and such relaxed atmosphere, we will definitely be back"

For pictures from the event visit the “I.O.M. SECTION” page on this website

31st MARCH 2016


Due to the first round of our 2106 Championship at Tonfanau being abandoned due to inclement weather, round two at Mallory Park on April 24th will have BOTH races counting towards this years points.

 Get your entry in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as entries close on 8th April.

Entry forms are available via the club forum or via the EMRA website ( see our “What’s On” page ).

Please note the race is also open to Freetech machines and David Blunt of DB Telecoms, and Alan Naul of Rapid Light Transport have very kindly donated prize monies totaling £300.

Therefore points will be added up over the 2 races on the day and prize monies allocated as follows :-

1st Place        £150

2nd Place       £90

3rd Place        £60

The prize money will be awarded to 50cc machines irrespective of whether they are Classic or Freetech.

Trophies will be awarded to the first 4 Classic 50  Racing Club members on Classic machines.