Isle of Man Classic 50 Racing Club, 2016 Championship results:

Round 11 Manx Results and report from Dave Cain

“At Jurby yesterday, Richard Done achieved three wins.

In heat one, 1st place went to Richard Done, followed by Matty Draper and Andy Watts.

The returning Watts posed no threat to placings, but riding a borrowed Honda which he took to it like a duck to water,  put the cat amongst the pigeons.

 As to the tight championship top slots, these will now go to the wire in the last round.

In heat 2 the finishing order was Richard Done 1st place, then Andy Watts and Martin Stratford Parson.

In the final round ,chaos, reigned ! On the first lap Done, Watts and Cain were flung off. The race re-started with Watts and Cain in the medic tent, with bikes wrecked.

A re-mounted Richard Done won, with Draper , and Stratford Parson in second and third place .

A special mention must go to the clubs youngest member and adopted Manx club member Gareth Arnold, out for the first time on a pit bike.

Gareth managed to shrink his time down to 1.04 secs in the final. Several ex Grand Prix men were there and agreed that Gareth approached it professionally, getting to grips with the bike and each corner, gradually building it all up to get a 1.04 at his first attempt, well done Gareth !

Thought for the day, how come you can be in your 60s or a teenager and if you get flung off your bike , 15 secs later ,regardless of injury, you are upright ,on the grass. Football players can stay down for 15 mins with a tap on the ankle, this is not bravado, its the thought of half a dozen ,screaming nutters due round for another lap ! F.A. take notice, you don't need a doctor with a sponge , try a cattle prod with a 15 sec delay . ”

15th March 2017

Mike Rhodes has taken some amazing drone video footage of 50cc Motosyko bikes in action practicing at Jurby circuit.

The video is well worth a watch and can be found at the following link :- www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmsRAPtZ09M

The boys again , before the fighting broke out !

This is a special award to the Common Tatta s commentary team , who for some unexplainable reason turn up at all our events with a van full of gear and give a full on insane commentary , disappearing at the end  like the Lone Ranger into the sunset.

This is the first three in the Manx Championship larking about , taking it just as seriously as they do on the track , 1st and  Manx Champ ,at the back on the left James "Mish " Comish next to vampire 4 stroke sponsor , Martin Stratford Parson , front left 2nd place Phil Berney attacking  3rd Place John Roy  ,first two stroke , all looking very much like a scruffy Village People

Vampire Martin , looking very pleased with himself after putting together the  four stoke  challenge and nailing 1st and 2nd slots , big two stroke changes next year on the cards

9th December 2017

Prize presentation at the Mannin Hotel

Pictures and text provided by Dave Cain.

14th April 2018

Round 2 Island Championship

Round 2 was held on the 4th of March in the worst conditions remembered ! This was illustrated by the fact that Phil Berney’s fastest lap of the day was 1 minute and 16 seconds.

John Roy was fastest in practice.

Heat 1 was won by Phil Berney 18 seconds ahead of John Roy with Joe Bloomfield third.

Heat 2 again went to Berney 8 second ahead of John Roy with Bloomfield in third.

The final was Berney again but just a second ahead of John Roy with Bloomfield in third.

Round 1 Island Championship

Round 1 was held on the 25th of February in cold but fair conditions.

Heat 1 was won by  Phil Berney with Dean Elven  second and Joe Bloomfield third.

Heat 2 was again won by Phil Berney with Joe Bloomfield second and Dean Elven third.

The final was again Phil Berney with Joe Bloomfield second and Dean Elven third.